Choose us as your local Co-op cause

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We have been fortunate enough to be nominated as one of the causes members can support for the Co-op Local Community Fund and we need you to spread the word so 115th can get lots of backing.

How it works

From now until October next year, every time Co-op members shop at the Co-op 1% of what they spend on selected own brand products and services goes to the Co-op local fund.

Members in our local community will be able to choose our cause and give their 1% from the 12th of November.

How can you help

You can help boost the amount of money we will receive by:

  1. Joining the Co-op, if you are not already a member go to
  2. Shopping in the Co-op where possible, as this will really help raise money and promote our cause.
  3. Getting Co-op members and friends and family in our local area to back our cause when they are out shopping.
  4. In return we will keep you up to date on how much our cause has raised and any events we have planned.


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